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Dr. Christina von Finckenstein

Dentist Dr. von Finckenstein
  • Dental care for the whole family
  • Individual treatment with a lot of empathy and patience
  • Focus on anxiety patients and implantology
  • Very good accessibility in the heart of Starnberg
  • No waiting time and short-term appointments, even for new patients

Dentistry in tune with the times

“My patients’ dental care is the result of the right balance of empathy, patience and fun at work, coupled with many years of expertise as a dentist. As there are also constant innovations in dentistry, it is my aim to always keep my knowledge as a dentist up to date. To this end, I am in contact with specialist colleagues. In addition, the entire team is constantly undergoing further training in the field of dentistry. In this way, we enable our patients to receive safe and competent care in Starnberg.” Dr. Christina von Finckenstein

Your individual needs and wishes guide us & are our motivation!

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Services of our dental practice in Starnberg

Anxiety patients

With a lot of experience, patience and empathy, we offer various treatments for patients with dental anxiety. Our goal: to reduce anxiety in the long term.

Implantology and dentures

Implantology & dentures

In addition to implants, we also insert bridges, crowns and dentures – individually tailored to your needs. We will be happy to advise you!


Prophylaxis & teeth cleaning

Implantology and dentures

Aesthetic dentistry

Implantology and dentures

Joint complaints & CMD



Implantology and dentures

Gum surgery

Implantology and dentures

Root canal treatment

Implantology and dentures

Pediatric dentistry

Experience report of a patient in Starnberg

“I would particularly like to emphasize that Dr. von Finckenstein takes a lot of time and explains every planned step in detail, discusses and explains. She takes the fear of the dentist seriously and manages to build trust with a great deal of empathy. Appointments are also made with great flexibility.

in Starnberg on jameda
Dentist Starnberg - Waiting room Christina von Finckenstein

Main focus of our dental practice: Implantology & anxiety patients

At our dental practice in Starnberg near Munich, we focus on implantology and the treatment of anxiety patients.

Implantology: Fixed third teeth

Gaps between teeth should always be closed. Dental implants are the most comfortable type of tooth replacement. The artificial titanium tooth root is firmly attached to the jaw during the treatment and the dental crown looks very similar to the patient’s own natural teeth. Dental implants stay in place when chewing, speaking and laughing – so the fear of ill-fitting dentures is a thing of the past.

Good to know: We only use implants from certified manufacturers in our practice in Starnberg. In this way, we ensure that the implants are well tolerated and that the artificial tooth roots last a long time.

Anxiety patients – help with dental anxiety

Fear of the dentist affects many people. We have a lot of experience with anxiety patients and offer you a relaxed approach to dentistry. At no time do you have to be ashamed of your fears or worries. You determine the pace of treatment at the dentist. In emergencies, we are also prepared to treat anxious patients under general anesthesia in Starnberg. In the long term, however, we would like to work with you to reduce your fears.

Good to know: Please let us know about your fears when you make your appointment. Our dentist will then take plenty of time for you.

Testimonials from our patients

Dentist Dr. von Finckenstein

Whether prophylaxis, implants or root canal treatments – at our dental practice in Starnberg, our patients have access to all standard treatments in modern dentistry. The aim of the entire team is to maintain your dental health and help you achieve a radiant smile. A particular focus is on the treatment of anxious patients.


DGZMK (Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund und Kieferheilkunde)

DGET – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endodontologie und zahnärztliche Traumatologie e.V.

DGÄZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnmedizin e. V.)